MT: Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laps Laguna Seca

Are you as impressed as we are?

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MT: 2011 Mustang GT vs. 2011 BMW M3

Motor Trend did an unusual comparison a bit ago. They pitted the new 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 up against the reference for “pony cars”, the 2011 BMW M3. A bit of a “David versus Goliath” if you ask me. Or was it? The Mustang actually handed it to the German in almost every category. And if you ask us, the one category in this head to head is that is not an apples to apples deal is the price. You can literally pick up an extra Mustang for your wife for the cost of one M3!

So really, the test should be the 2011 Mustang Shelby GT500 up against the M3. Or better yet, the Mustang GT against the BMW 330i.

Read the Motor Trend article and let us know what you think.


Audi R8 – “An exotic supercar with a race-ready, direct-injected V-10 engine”

Drivers who appreciate the incredible experience of piloting the Audi R8 with its optional 525-horsepower V-10 engine that revs to an eardrum-stimulating 8,700 rpm may find themselves seeking an indulgence from the priests of the new green religion.

The new dogma decrees that transportation is a painfully necessary activity that’s required for functional purposes and not for fun. Sort of like the view of sex taken by some of the older churches.

Unreformed sensualists (and those who can afford the $150,200 base price) will enjoy the opportunity to immerse themselves in the R8 and its race-ready direct-injected V-10 engine, however. The notion of an exotic mid-engined supercar from Germany may be surprising to those who associate such things with Italy.

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